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    CA - Jeffrey Varga & Miguel Antero, both 6, murdered, L.A. County, 1981 & 1986

    Registered Sex Offender arrested for 1981 murder of 6 y/o old boy
    Cold case leads to arrest of Kenneth Rasmuson - living in Sandpoint, ID


    another article:

    "Detectives say on July 2, 1981 the 6-year-old boy left his house on his bike to go to a fireworks stand in Anaheim. A short time later, his parents found his abandoned bike in an alley. The next day, the boy's body was found by two construction workers in Pomona. The Coroner's Office determined the child had died of asphyxia due to strangulation. Police say DNA evidence links the crime to Kenneth Rasmuson. "


    ETA: Mods - please remove if not appropriate

    I did a search for murdered boy 1981 Pomona Anaheim here is what I found:


    The dates of death are the same, the story of the death is the same
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    "Members of the Sandpoint Police Department, FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Crime Lab, Bonner County District Attorney's Office and the Anaheim Police Department helped with the investigation and arrest of Rasmuson. . . . DNA evidence was confirmed and was linked to Rasmuson, police said."

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    "A Sandpoint man once committed to the Atascadero State Hospital in California as a sexually violent predator was arrested Friday for allegedly sexually assaulting and killing a 6-year-old boy in 1981.The partially clothed body of Jeffrey David Vargo was found at a construction site in Pomona, California, on July 3, 1981, the day after he went missing in Anaheim. The boy had been strangled.

    The boy was last seen riding his bike to a neighborhood fireworks stand around 5:30 p.m. "


    ETA: This MSM news article confirms it is the little boy that I linked in the findgrave above with little Jeffrey's picture.
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    Bob and Connie Vargo still live in the house in the same neighborhood where Jeffrey disappeared. Inside what Connie called a “special box” in their two-story home are Jeffrey’s favorite items – a bathrobe, slippers, and a collection of original Star Wars toys. Framed photographs of a smiling kid with floppy brownish hair dot the house. These are the only reminders of their youngest son after he went missing while riding his bike around their quiet, manicured neighborhood on July 2, 1981, the start of the fourth of July celebration...

    Connie said she hopes the arrest will finally help them heal. “We had another son to raise and life goes on,” Connie Vargo said. “It’s been hard but we always remember him.”

    Today, the Vargos plan to visit Loma Vista Memorial Park. Connie will have a pinwheel and stick it on Jeffrey’s burial site. “He would have turned 40 last year,” Connie said. “But to me, he’ll always be my six-year-old boy.”

    Just months after Jeffrey's slaying, Rasmuson sexually assaulted an 11-year-old boy in Santa Barbara County and was sent to prison in December 1981, then committed to a mental hospital... He was released in 1985, then sent back to prison and the mental hospital for kidnapping and molesting a 3-year-old boy in Los Angeles in 1987.

    He relocated to Idaho in 2010, where he was classified as a violent sexual predator in that state's sex offender registry, and has no criminal history there.

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    Neighbors in Sandpoint, ID say Rasmussen was living next to a city park. They were all aware he was a registered sex offender but had no idea he was considered in a murder.

    Video @ link:


    Another updated video with interview of Jeffrey's parents:

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    They have now linked him to the murder of another 6yo boy:

    DNA identifies suspect in 1986 killing of Agoura Hills boy

    October 23, 2015

    Miguel Antero hopped off the school bus on a spring day in 1986 but he never came home. His body -- covered in stab wounds -- was found hours later amid brush near an Agoura Hills commune where he lived.
    After extensive DNA analysis established a match, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office filed a murder charge Thursday against Rasmuson, alleging he killed the first-grader while performing a lewd or lascivious act, according to the complaint.

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    Former Santa Barbara man charged in 2 cold cases
    October 26, 2015

    On Friday, prosecutors said that DNA evidence also ties Rasmuson to the 1986 murder of 6-year-old Miguel Antero.

    On April 8, 1986, Antero was reported missing. He was last seen outside his Agoura Hills home. Deputies later found Antero’s body in a nearby creek. The boy had been sexually assaulted, stabbed and strangled.

    The courts have convicted Rasmuson twice before for violent sexual assaults against children.

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    CA - Miguel Antero, 6, abducted & murdered, Agoura Hills, 8 April 1986


    I couldn't find a thread on this sweet little boy. Such a heartbreaking case that illustrates how these tragedies affect the families left behind.

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    I don't understand why this POS was free when he killed Miguel - and for so many years after. It seems he may have been a juvenile offender the first time? He wasn't fixed, obviously. How many more victims did he have?

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    ANYONE who kills a child should NEVER go free. How can anybody think these types of criminals have served enough time , and are thus "safe" to let loose on society ?

    Rest and fly with the angels, Miguel !

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    Miguel was definitely not this monster's only victim:


    For more than three decades, the 1981 slaying of 6-year-old Jeffrey David Vargo of Anaheim remained unsolved.
    The boy had been strangled and his body left behind a pile of sand at a Pomona construction site.
    In 1997, Pomona police confirmed that they had reopened the case. Again the case went nowhere.

    RIP Jeffrey David Vargo

    Poor little babies. Have to wonder how many other murders this freak will be tied to.

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    A convicted sex offender was ordered Monday to stand trial on double murder charges in the deaths of two 6-year-old boys in 1981 and 1986.


    The murder counts include the special circumstance allegations of multiple murders and that the boys were killed during the commission of a lewd or lascivious act on a child.

    Rasmuson was held to answer on all counts as well as the special circumstance allegations.

    The District Attorney’s Office will decide later whether to seek the death penalty against Rasmuson, who has a 1981 conviction from Santa Barbara County for sodomy of a person under 14.

    Rasmuson is being held without bail and due to return to court for arraignment Sept. 13.

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