Deadly legend helps keep Oklahoma City restaurant lively (Daily Oklahoman)

On June 1, 1963, retired auto dealer Martin Carriker was shot in the back of the head on his country estate near NE 63 and Eastern, which then was outside Oklahoma City. His body was found in a patch of weeds, 48 hours after he was reported missing by his stepdaughter, Margaret Pearson.

Pearson later was charged with murder, along with two field hands.

Carriker’s ex-wife Clara, with whom he still lived at the time of his death, died from natural causes in the house shortly before her daughter’s trial.

Eleven days before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a jury of 11 men and one woman found Pearson not guilty of murder. Apparently, one of the field hands told the police three different stories, costing him credibility on the witness stand and leaving Carriker’s death an unsolved crime to this day.

After the verdict, Pearson, 54, told reporters, "I don’t have any place to go or any friends.”

The home went into foreclosure. Just weeks before she was to vacate her home for the new owners, Pearson was found dead in its bathroom. A story in The Oklahoman published Jan. 27, 1964, indicated the circumstances were "mysterious,” but the investigation never led to any arrests.
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