From 2013:

Sources say Jimmy Alexander is charged with first-degree murder for the death of Tina Brashear. He was Brashear's boyfriend when the 38-year-old went missing in the spring of 2011.

His father, Jack Alexander, is charged with accessory to murder.

Court documents say the night Tina went missing, the two had been drinking at Jimmy's house in Kellyville and arguing about Tina having Jimmy arrested for domestic assault...

The affidavit says a few months after Tina disappeared, a friend told investigators that Alexander once said "he had gotten rid of that girl and he thought he hid the body good." Documents say Jimmy also asked friends what they would think if he dismembered her, then said "Here it goes, I did it. I am sorry. I am so sad"...

Court documents show the man told detectives he was at Jimmy's house the day after Tina went missing. He said there was blood everywhere and a metal rod that had blood and hair all over it. The tipster told detectives that Jimmy's father Jack said his son beat Tina to death, but he hadn't told anyone because he didn't want to lose another son. According to the documents, one of Jack's sons was in prison for murder and the other had just died.
Charges against both men were subsequently dismissed, according to Oklahoma District Court records.

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