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    CA - Hollywood Hills, Skeletal Remains & backpack found in a wash, Mar'15


    The bones were discovered by hikers on Tuesday afternoon in a wash running through the hills, and crews spent about five hours excavating them on Wednesday, Los Angeles County Coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey said.

    Harvey said personal effects including a backpack were found near the body but that it had not been identified. A forensic anthropologist would try to determine the gender, he said.

    "They do not appear to have been buried; the possibility exists that this person died in the wash and over the years runoff deposited soil on and around the body," Harvey said, adding that investigators had estimated that the person died around two years ago. "We recovered a fairly complete skeletal set," he said. "There are some things we didn't get, but we got the important stuff - skull, mandible."
    The location is between Mulholland Drive and the Hollywood Freeway.

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    I hope this will give closure to some. I wonder if they were out walking alone and had a heart attack or an aneurism?

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    Hi guys. First post here.

    I found this man: https://www.findthemissing.org/en/cases/23729/0/

    "Michael Bell was seen in Los Angeles, CA on 09-16-11. Michael was contacted by CHP in Los Banos, CA on 09-17-11 and transported to a Chevron gas station at Panoche Rd/I-5 fwy. Michael was not reported missing at the time he was contacted by CHP."

    If the cop dropped him at the gas station, he had to walk back to his car or ask someone at the gas station to drive him back at 3am. The car was found exactly where the cop picked him up, meaning he never made it back there. The gas station is only 3h drive from where the skeleton was found, and he had a backpack at the gas station... And the timeline matches.
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    Any news on this case?

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    I found another article with a bit more about the finding of the remains, but no update about whether they were identified. I didn't see a listing in Namus or anywhere else.

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    Bump* anything new?
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