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    FL - FBI arrests white supremacist DOC employees in prisoner murder plot


    Three members of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan — two Florida Department of Corrections employees and one former member – were arrested today in a murder-conspiracy plot.

    Thomas Jordan Driver, 25, David Elliot Moran, 47, and Charles Thomas Newcomb, 42, all face one state count of conspiracy to commit murder for allegedly plotting to kill a former inmate after his release from prison, Attorney General Pam Bondi's Office of Statewide Prosecution said...

    "Driver and Morgan are employees at the Florida Department of Corrections, and Newcomb is a former DOC employee," Bondi's office said in a statement. "The defendants plotted the murder as retaliation for a fight between the inmate, who is African American, and Driver."

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    Something's not right has anyone seen pictures of the three?

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    Investigators said that late last year Driver handed a picture of the inmate, who was at that time out on supervised released, to an FBI informant who had infiltrated the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Driver told the informant he had a fight with the inmate and both he and Moran wanted the former inmate "six feet under."

    Over the next few months, the FBI said their informant met with all three men, discussing plans to kill the man. One alleged plan involved shooting him during a ride to Palatka; another plan was to inject him with insulin and make it look like he died in a fishing accident.

    "My statewide prosecutor, acting in conjunction again with the FBI, staged a homicide scene where they took photos of the victim who was out of prison, now, of course, making it appear that he had been violently murdered," Bondi said. "Those photos were then shown to the corrections officers, who are alleged members of the KKK, and were very proud of this killing."

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    This is just disgusting to me.

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