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    OR - Babysitter who abused girls had served 11 years for wife's killing

    Eugene, Oregan convicted wife-killer Darrel Melvin Emra took a job as a babysitter after he'd served his 11-year sentence for strangling his wife Carol in 1986. He sexually abused both the little girls in his care. They didn't tell their parents until this January (the abuse happened in 2009).

    The 69-year-old has just been handed a 10-year sentence, without the possibility of early release, after pleading guilty to two counts of first degree sexual abuse on children under 12. The children's parents say they would have liked a longer jail term but agreed so the girls wouldn't have to testify.



    ETA: He also sexually abused his wife's corpse after he killed her.
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    Who would hire a convicted killer to be a babysitter?

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    How does a convicted killer get released after 11 years?!
    Is murder and necrophilia not enough to get you more than a decade?

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    Thank goodness this man looks like he will not last 10 years, at least I hope he won't. He has no business living out in society.

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