Help Solve This Cold Case Murder
Someone's gotten away with murder for two years. Take a look at these drawings--do they look familiar?
March 31, 2015

Police are looking for new leads in the case of Edward Lawrence Robinson, who was murdered during an apparent robbery on March 22, 2013. The city of Temecula is currently offering a $25,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects responsible for the murder.

Investigators have released composite sketches of two men that were seen in the business prior to the incident.

These subjects are considered persons of interest only and investigators would like to speak to them concerning any information they may have that led to the murder.

Subject #1 is described as a thin white male in his twenties, about 5’ 10” tall, with dark hair and some facial hair. He was wearing a grey long-sleeved t-shirt, grey beanie and dark jeans. He is believed to have tattoos on both arms.

Subject #2 is described as a thin Asian male in his twenties, about 5’10” tall, with his spikey hair dyed red with blonde tips. He was wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt and dark pants. He has colorful tattoos on both arms.
If you witnessed the robbery or murder, or or recognize these men, contact Investigator Baeza of the Riverside Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit at (951) 955-2777, or Investigator Topete of the Southwest Station at (951)-696-3000.