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    TX - Rogelio Cerda, 15, Bay City, 29 June 1975

    Rogelio Realme Cerda
    Missing since June 29, 1975 from Bay City, Matagorda County, Texas.
    Classification: Endangered Missing

    Vital Statistics

    • Date Of Birth: December 24, 1959
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 15 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'9; 160 lbs
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White/Hispanic male. Black hair; brown eyes.
    • Marks, Scars: Cerda has a scar on the bridge of his nose and a birthmark on his right ankle.
    • Jewelry: When Rogelio was last seen, he was wearing a silver pinkie ring with the word "LOVE" on it.
    • Clothing: Wearing only cut off jeans
    • AKA: Jesus Rogelio Realme Cerda; Roger R. Cerda

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Rogelio was last seen on June 29, 1975, at Matagorda Beach in Bay City, Texas. Rogelio went on a supervised trip with a friend's family. He went swimming with friends in the ocean and did not return to the shore. An extensive search of the water turned up no sign of him.
    Investigators believe that Cerda drowned in an accident that day. His body has never been recovered.

    His younger sister Cindy keeps a blog for him. I honestly don't know what to make of it. She talks about sightings of her brother after the disappearance. Apparently, Cindy and her mother still believe Rogelio is still alive and suffering from amnesia, but I can't really figure out (apart from the alleged sightings and the fact that his body never washed ashore) what makes them so sure. Most of the blog entries are written as Cindy talking to her brother. I'm torn between thinking that there could be something to her claims and believing that the sighting are/were just wishful thinking on the part of a family member who just can't accept that their loved one is gone. The writing also seems a bit disjointed at times.


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    just read the blog entry about that day...a couple of curious lines. one says "we can all deal with stuff from the past now that we are older" and the other says " no more lies, no more cover ups"

    definitely gives the thought there were troubles or family dysfunctions he was being affected by before he disappeared
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    Cindy seems to imply that her family and the family who was with Rogelio that day had a serious falling out, particularly with Rogelio's girlfriend Betty. I have a feeling that the falling out stemmed from the fact that the Cerdas blamed them for (in their mind) helping Rogelio run away. The other family, the Ayalas, knew it was a tragic accident and despite feeling extremely sorry, couldn't and wouldn't co-sign on the Cerdas' theory of their son being alive.

    Cindy even takes what I perceive as a dig at Betty in a blog post about a debut (probably a quinceañera) that Rogelio stood in:

    "You stood in a debut in May of 1975 (and Betty allowed you to stand with her?-it's no wonder, though, since she married the guy I saw her with, David Ramos, just as soon as you disappeared, in his white car at Woodlawn park and she is now Betty J. Ramos) and it was one that I will never forget. The girl you stood with, Carolina, was very nice and she looked so pretty in her dress. There was a live band and the song "Dance with me" was popular and was played that night. To this day, when mom hears that song, it takes her back. I believe you took mom out to the dance floor to dance with her and she just loved it. Now, if you could just do that one more time, take her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor... it's never too late for a mother waiting to see her only son once again."

    I take from that post that Cindy saw/sees Betty as being unfaithful because she went with another boy after the disappearance. My question: what else was Betty supposed to do? Never date or marry in the hopes that Rogelio would show up? Betty, in all likelihood, knew Rogelio died in a tragic undertow accident and had to go on with her life. Perhaps Cindy was upset because of the wedding apparently taking place not long (I have a feeling that the phrase "just as soon as you disappeared" is likely an exaggeration on Cindy's part) after the disappearance, but in reality, that's not her or her parents' business.

    I did a little searching to see if I could find a record of when David Ramos and Betty got married. A couple by that name, both born in 1960, were married in Bexar County, Texas on November 22, 1978. If this is them--and I'm pretty sure it is-- they certainly didn't abruptly get married as a soon as Rogelio vanished as Cindy claims. Perhaps they began seeing each other right around the time of the disappearance, but the marriage came three years later.

    I feel bad for the Cerda family, but I think this was a tragic accident and they can't or won't accept that Rogelio is gone and that no one was really at fault.

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    The family of Rogelio Cerda is requested to come forward and submit DNA. Currently, Texas is the only state where DNA is done at no expense. Take advantage, Cindy!!!
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