A sharp German student has used the country's freedom of information act to request a copy of his exam questions, in advance.

Simon Schräder, 17, from Münster, used the internet platform*fragdenstaat.de(“ask the state”), to ask the education ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia for “the tasks of the centrally-made Abitur examinations in the senior classes of high school in the current school year”. He was specifically invoking his state’s freedom of information law.

Schräder set the ministry the legally allowed one-month deadline – falling on 21 April – to comply, though his first exam is on 16 April.
This is really funny because it puts German authorities in SUCH a pickle - they'll feel obliged to follow legislation to the letter in time and release the info before the deadline, but it means thousands of students could get the answers to an exam, before they've taken it! The teen's ingenuity has led to a job offer from an internet-based freedom of info company though, before he's even sat his exams and got his certificates...which is highly unusual in dear Deutschland!