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    WV - Juliet 'Julia' Staunton Clark, 59, Charleston, 21 August 1953

    Copied over from a thread about an unrelated cold case:


    Hello, Websleuths of WV!

    I am writing an article for Goldenseal Magazine, the WV State Folklore quarterly. It is called "Capital Crimes." The two VERY cold cases I'm featuring are the October 1949 murder of West Side restaurant owner Rosina Fazio, and the August 1953 murder of Juliet Staunton Clark, the owner and Publisher of the Charleston Daily Mail newspaper. Both are unsolved...

    The second case, Juliet Staunton Clark's murder, is even more bizarre, but also features money (lots of it), status, famous Charleston figures, mystery, innuendo, gossip and no arrest. Mrs. Clark, widow of the Governor of Alaska, was last seen alive around 9 p.m., August 21, 1953, by her son in law, Archibald Alexander II. The next morning, her body was discovered by her maid. She's been beaten about the head so hard it looked as though she'd been shot. Only a wallet was missing. Her sons (by her first husband) were the Clay brothers who started the Clay Center in Charleston. At the time of her murder, Lyle B. Clay was actually City Solicitor of Charleston. The chief suspect, never arrested, was the son in law.

    I'm a historian, not a crime writer. I need your input on these two cases!
    Julia's Find a Grave page includes a newspaper clipping about the murder:


    More 1953 MSM coverage here:


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    This case reminds me a little of another female newspaper publisher named Molly Zelko who was taken and presumed murdered in 1957 IL. That case is also unsolved but there is some suspicion that she was "taken out" because she was investigating some mob activity. The mob virtually never singled out women for murder so I wonder a little about that theory.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid