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    Websleuths Post of the Day! Put your nominations on this thread for April 15th 2015

    The post of the day for YESTERDAY (April 14th) goes to verified LE mmarty

    This is in response to Equestrianista discovery of a very important piece of evidence in a cold murder case in Nevada.

    Quote Originally Posted by Equestrianista View Post
    Glad I could be of some help.
    To which LE Detective mmarty said:
    "some help" is an understatement. Excellent work. I echo my partners comment, you've done what no one could do in 23 years. Bravo!
    It's the quote above by mmarty that is our post of the day for Tuesday April 14th 2015

    Watch THIS VIDEO from news station KTVN about the case and Websleuths.

    Here is the Websleuths thread on the case. This your chance to help with a cold case. Jump in.




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    I would like to nominate this post for Post of the Day:

    post by oceanblueeyes

    Post #17 on Discussions-on-Formal-Sentencing-Hearing-Jodi-Arias-12

    Link: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...8#post11694538

    This is only my opinion about Sandy Arias and the statements she has made both inside of the courtroom and in the media.

    Sandy Arias nor any other family members are in denial. They know JA better than anyone.

    Sandy lies to protect herself and her husband. By lying she doesn't have to admit they knew all along when Arias was growing up she was an explosive violent powder keg. They have seen her violent ways and even admitted it to the police.

    So now they paint a false picture of not only JA but themselves. It is far better for Sandy to blame the blameless dead victim than to actually blame the daughter they raised. If they told the truth then it would be revealed that they are the one who raised a child that became a stone cold killer.

    And I do believe they help create the monster she became. Instead of confronting her when she violently went off the rails when she abused her mom, and her little brother,and maybe even pets while she was young, they tolerated it instead. Confronting her only made JA madder than hell. So they gave in instead of correcting her and that is why she is such a narcissist today with no feeling for others. I also believe she was born prone to be a sociopath and her environment growing up let it bloom into rage and entitlement.

    Sandy paints a picture of Jodi as false as Jodi does. Sandy paints a picture of a daughter they wish Jodi had been and not the daughter they really have had to deal with who has always been mean and has been violent for a very long time way before she murdered Travis.

    The truth is JA did nothing for others unless it was to her advantage somehow. She used fake niceness as a manipulation tool just like she used kinky sex. She never even finished school and always held waitress positions. While there is nothing wrong with that position... embellishing Jodi's life to make it into something it wasn't and never has been.. shows Sandy is a lot like her daughter.

    So all of Sandy's lies are done to protect herself. Just like Jodi lies to protect herself from the truth.

    She cant face the fact (publicly anyway) that she knows she raised a very violent abusive child. But I do believe she is very aware of it in her own thoughts and is relieved that this one daughter is out of their lives as they once knew it. I think both parents feel they are lucky to be alive themselves for Jodi is the type to also murder parents if she felt they had not towed the line like she demanded they do.

    They lived because they let her get away with everything and making her feel entitled to do anything she wanted to do. IMO

    I think they have liked the money they have been able to collect from the misfits and losers.

    What Sandy says makes no sense. She conveniently, like her vile daughter, omits glaring truths. Travis was not seeing JA anymore since she moved away to CA and him remaining in AZ. No abused person travels 1000 miles to be with their abuser. It just doesn't happen in the real world. It only happens in the faux world the Arias' create which really doesn't exist.

    Travis was in CA just two weeks earlier before he was killed and at no time did he see Arias.

    Only a premeditated murderer travels that far to murder their victim with a gun and knife in their possession. And she didn't murder him because he abused her because he never did.

    She murdered him for the same reason many murderers have killed. Travis wanted nothing more to do with her and that sealed his fate just like so many victims before and after him have suffered the same fate.

    It was such a blessing to see the Alexander family smile again. I hope their lives here on out are filled with nothing but wonderful blessings. They certainly deserve no less.


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    Thank You !
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    I second Dog.gone.cute's nomination for post of the day for oceanblueeyes!
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    Nomination for post of the day.

    Thread - PA - 21 year old in wheelchair abandoned in woods for 6 days

    True Crime Addict

    Despicable. I hope she gets not only the book but the whole library thrown at her.


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    My nomination for post of the day:

    04-07-2015, 03:10 PM #7
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    I hope this gal is found safe and well!

    Do I understand correctly that she set out on FOOT for a six
    Mile round trip errand to the Dollar Store at 6PM on Easter Sunday?
    Was the Dollar Store open on Easter Sunday?

    I'm all fat and suburban so, this type of errand would unlikely occur in my life. Therefore it seems strange to me.

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