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    WA - Babysitter realizes child in his care is abducted Amber Alert baby

    A Washington state couple became unwitting players in a kidnapping investigation this week after discovering that the 2-year-old child they were babysitting had been abducted and was the subject of an Amber Alert seeking his return.

    "It was my sister who had asked me as a favor to watch her boyfriend's son. And that's how he came and was dropped off," John Tuong said.
    The sister told Tuong she and her boyfriend were planning an overnight date and she would pick up the boy in the morning. She never returned and did not answer texts from her concerned brother.
    Police have arrested the sister in connection with the kidnapping. They say she and the child's grandmother allegedly went to the boy's home Tuesday, incapacitated his mother with a Taser, and drove both to another house in Fife where they tied up the mother in the garage.
    The mother escaped and ran to a neighbor's house for help

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    I can't imagine having to turn your own sister in for something like this.
    I speak fluently in reaction gifs.

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    Wow, I'm glad the child was OK and that the babysitter called police. One time my sister (an adult at the time) was babysitting a child and the parents of the child never came back for it. She kept it a couple of days and then called police and social services came and got the child. The child was just a baby, maybe a year old or so.

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