We went to Hagerstown today. Lauren had a very good statement ready about how this has affected her. I took a different approach with mine, focusing on HIM instead of Lauren. I cited specific, easily verifiable instances of him telling huge lies, to me, to judges, and even to the previous parole board. I saw them check the file twice, and they saw I wasn't making it up.

I admitted he had fooled me again and again, and urged them not to be fooled by his promises to comply with parole requirements, and not re-offend. He's gotten by most of his life by lying, and he soon showed them he hasn't changed.

The female board member mentioned that they "had gotten all of the correspondence. And I mean ALL of the correspondence" in reference to the letter writing campaign. Thanks for writing. It helped.

He came in and was basically very belligerent, argumentative and was demonstrating why his attorneys kept him from testifying at his trial. I made notes of eight more HUGE and verifiable lies, as well as discrepancies in the things he said, compared to the last parole hearing!

They ended the hearing early, after he couldn't make it through the second of three phases of the hearing. As a result, they denied his parole.