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    Cool GA - 7 week old puppy rescued for 4 year old girl!!!

    Y'all have just GOT to see this story that has brought me a HUGE - and badly needed - smile!!! Oh, be sure to watch the video to see this precious furbaby returned to his very upset 4 year old "mommy", who was just given the pup for her birthday a few days ago...I dare ya not to at least well up and smile through your tears!!

    Oh, and FYI to those of y'all who out live outside the Metro Atlanta area...let's just say that the various DeKalb County departments involved in this rescue are typically NOT known to exert these extensive efforts, 4 year old "mommy" + 7 week old furball + TV crew or not...that just added to my tears at the story on the late news. This is one time I won't be grumbling as I try to disguise the after effects of bedtime tears when I put my makeup on in the morning


    Westie Mom

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    Sweet! The little girl is quite a talker. She sure wasn't afraid of the mike once she got started. Thanks for posting this.

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    This one's a smiler, for sure (after wiping those tears) -- thanks for posting, westie mom! Bless all those folks who worked to save that baby and prevent heartbreak for a darling little girl. Long lives, Sahri and Toshi. and much joy and love between you.

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    I love these stories. She will never forget what all those people did for her and her puppy. That's going to be a strong bond of friendship between those two. Very glad to see this was a happy ending and so many people coming to help.

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    Thanks for sharing the happiness.

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