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    NJ officers shut down highway to save terrified cat

    New Jersey police officers called out to busy Highway 36 found a terrified cat on top of the median divider. When they tried to catch it, it darted under the police car, climbed into the undercarriage, and refused to come out.

    So they turned off the engine, shut several lanes of the highway for an hour, called out a tow truck and animal control, and finally got it free. Got a cuddle too, by the looks of it.

    The cat wasn't chipped or wearing a tag, so was taken to the Humane Society. The officers' names don't seem to have been released.

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    I'm glad they cared enough to save the poor scared kitty.

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    Got to love that. It is very hard to calm down and catch a terrified kitty cat.
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    Aww! That cop is my freakin' hero! And ain't half bad on the eyes, either.
    Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that one animal their world is changed forever! -Unknown

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    Blessings to the cat and the LEO that saved him.

    As an aside ... IF you own cats, please keep them safe in your HOUSE. They do not have to wander the neighborhood. KEEP THE CATS INSIDE <sorry for yelling>, but it does me in to see squashed cats on the road/highway/streets. Your pet ... keep them safe, PLEASE.

    Will say the same thing to dog owners ... yard/fence/keep them safe.

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