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    Statistics per State

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a good resource to find out the number of active (or even cold) missing persons cases in each state? I'm trying to share some information about missing persons with some friends and I would really like to know how many missing persons there are in Mississippi at the moment. I know it's probably not going to be completely accurate but does any sort of resource exist?

    Thank y'all!
    Mrs. A
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    NamUs has a State Case Breakdown drop down box of their active files on the right side of the front page. This is a minimum number as there are always more than the public is aware of. But it's a start.


    MS stats:
    State Case Breakdown

    Total Cases: 108
    Open Cases: 81 - 75.00%
    Closed Cases: 27 - 25.00%
    Missing Males: 58 - 53.70%
    Missing Females: 50 - 46.29%
    Average Age: 31.03 yrs
    ALL US states & territories:
    MP Case Breakdown
    Total Cases: 19984
    Open Cases: 11238 - 56.23%
    Closed Cases: 8746 - 43.76%
    NamUs Aided: 994 - 11.36%

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    I've heard that roughly 800,000 people are reported missing every year. Of course the majority aren't missing. But, just imagine if 1/16 are. That's a lot of actual missing persons.

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