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    Dang, I missed this.. guess I didn't miss too much though since he plead guilty and so we won't hear most (any?) of the evidence.

    I am wondering if it was the accused who, through his own actions unknown to us, prompted the police to seek a search warrant (for his phone) at the late date of July (after SM had been 'missing' since December, some 7 months earlier). Was it his own guilty conscience that led to him perhaps contacting police himself? Otherwise, what was the reasoning for obtaining his cellphone 7 months after the fact?

    It *seems* like he wasn't having a lot of remorse and guilt, considering he went about his daily life, had a publicly affectionate relationship with his new girlfriend, etc., in the meantime. It wasn't until police showed up at his door that he tried to take his own life.

    I feel so bad for JB's mother. I am not sure, but I believe he may have been her only child. So sad all around. I always think that way. Needless killing, and so many lives affected so negatively. It was graceful of SB's mom to publicly think about JB's mom's feelings. Where's his dad? Does anyone else notice how it seems to be so very often that many of these killers had a rather absent father?

    I had always suspected it was the husband, but I had thought it made more sense that he killed her and dumped her at the side of the road somewhere in the stretch between Edmonton and Calgary.

    Why is it that the man has his wife in a Tupperware bin on his porch for months after she disappears and yet police don't notice, even right away? Wouldn't that be one of the first things your eyes would go to as you took a look around? And her family also. I realize we can't be looking under beds for bodies when we visit the husband of our missing loved ones, but jeez. Would love to hear the gory details of how on earth the accused went for some 7 months unsuspected by the victim's family. Surely SB's family and friends must have realized that emotions can be volatile during a separation when spouses are still living together? And even if he had been an accepted member of SB's family, how can that potential issue be swept aside? Why was everyone too willing to believe she just nodded off into nowhere land with no contact with anyone from her life?

    Do I remember reading at one point that JB had to be taken to hospital while he was in jail?

    Are we convinced that the two 'were intimate' for one last time, just prior to her murder? I'm getting from that statement of fact that SB's body must have been naked, perhaps with his DNA in her body. (Would they be able to tell at the late date of July when her remains were found in the plastic bin?) She had been away in Edmonton, IIRC, and come home.. just prior to her 'disappearance'? There was much discussion about all of this at the time. They each had already gone on to have a new girlfriend/boyfriend, even though still officially residing together. I recall that they had always had an 'open marriage'. I guess it was okay to sleep with others, but not to 'leave'. jmo.
    The reason her body had to be at the home is because there must be cameras in the housing co-op and there was no evidence of her leaving, of him removing her body, or of her vehicle leaving the complex. She had to still be in the complex.

    There's nothing to suggest that they had sex the night she was murdered. She returned later than planned from Edmonton because of car trouble. She was not that late that she couldn't meet friends at the comedy club, but she didn't show up. She very likely went straight home, told him about the exciting opportunities in Edmonton, as well as the costs for car repairs, he got angry, he strangled her, and then he tried to figure out what to do with her body.

    He knew he couldn't take her out of the building to a vehicle without being seen, so he had no choice but to try to hide her body. He did a pretty good job of hiding her in plain sight for a long time.

    He looked guilty at the press conference - look at the concern in her sister's eyes, and the look in his eyes. Nothing in common regarding how they feel.
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