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    Question Adults Cyber Bullying Children

    An adult who post a child photo on a website and makes snark remarks about the child (whom is a stranger)...

    I feel this is cyber bullying, how do others feel?

    Is this criminal?

    Would you support a site that does or those who support such site?

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    No it isn't bullying. To be bullying it has to be directed against a specific individual and that individual has to be aware of it, offended by it and in a position where they cannot escape it. The attention also has to be persistent. A one time remark does not meet the standard.

    Just being offensive is not bullying.

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    Yes it is bullying. I don't care what your motivations are, If you are posting about a child and then talking about what is wrong with them that is bullying them. That is a child and they should be off limits 100% of the time.
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    The question in the opening post is very general, and doesn't cite a specific case, so it's not appropriate for this forum. Since there are two good replies posing opposite views, I'm going to lock the thread and leave it stand for the time being.


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