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    Step away from that subway machine..

    A man in Oldham, UK has become (probably) the first person in the world to be banned from approaching any kind of coin-operated slot machine, until 2020.

    Russell Stansfield, who has a long criminal history of minor thefts, is still allowed to buy subway tickets - but the court-ordered Criminal Behaviour Order specifies he must 'move quickly away' from the machine afterwards. He is also banned from going near coin payphones....unless it's an emergency.

    Besides being banned from using slot machines, I can't help thinking it might have been a good idea for Stansfield to have been banned from putting his foot in his mouth with media too:

    Itís just weird, if Iím honest, there are so many things I canít do,Ē he said. ďIf Iím at the hospital for hours, for example, I canít buy food from the machines.Ē

    But he admitted the order could also be a blessing: ďAt least I have an excuse not to pay for things,Ē he joked.
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    This was a good laugh. How are they going to monitor this? At least he didn't end up in jail, he does have a chance to clean up his life. But then again, his comment not having to pay for things is probably a sign of the future.

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