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    New Zealand - Burger cafe owner's rant about customers is breathtaking

    Mike Duffy, the owner of Ekim Burgers cafe in New Zealand, received a polite mail from a customer saying she'd always enjoyed the food but her son had been vomiting after the last visit.

    Duffy took immense offence, and vented his fury on the cafe's public Facebook page. As the customers he condemned included lawyers, housewives, kids and - well, just about everybody - his rant soon went viral and hit the media.

    The vitriolic rant - which took exception to drunk lawyers, ignorant housewives and parents who let their children run riot - has left regulars of Ekim Burgers in New Zealand fuming, saying they will not be going back to the popular food haunt.

    I've had trouble finding any part of the rant that isn't full of cuss words, so here is the cafe FB page, with the post. Interestingly, the cafe seems to be closed now.

    Bad language warning!
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    Oh my goodness, talk about a bad day. He unleashed frustration in the worst way possible. What he should have done was offer to reimburse them for the meal, thank her for taking the time to write, he would look into the matter and please enjoy a free meal on the house. Instead his business is closed and he lost customers...that golden moment to show kindness back to a woman who was polite in bringing a possible issue to the attention of the owner is forever gone.

    Unapologetic, Duffy said the rant was inspired by what he calls a creeping culture of rudeness and entitlement among hospitality patrons, who he said have a responsibility to behave well in restaurants, cafes and bars.
    He is right about that. That statement alone makes me think his tolerance level went out the door after reading the customer's letter.

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    Maybe the kid got food poisoning from the restaurant, or maybe it was just an unrelated stomach flu. I wouldn't have been so quick to blame it on the owner. Sad that he lost his business over his rant (dumb to do it on social media), but maybe that was the last straw for him...
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