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    Missing sketch last seen in 1895 found in TV star's new/old home

    British TV show presenter Bamber Gascoigne inherited a stately home from his aunt, a Duchess, when she died aged 99. In all his years of visiting her, he'd never set foot upstairs and as the new owner, found forgotten rooms stuffed with history and ....stuff.

    Sothebys auctioneers were drafted in, and in a 'heartstopping' moment discovered a sketch (study) by Lord Leighton, hanging on a wall. It is an important preparatory sketch for his painting 'Flaming June', which is also known as 'The Mona Lisa of the Southern Hemisphere'. The sketch was last seen reprinted in a magazine in 1895, and was believed to be missing ever since.

    It's expected to fetch at least 60,000 (nearly $90,000) at auction.

    Note: I can't get over how much this story is like an old novel from the 1800s, with ancient aristocrats in mouldering mansions they can't afford to run, surrounded by treasures they don't even know they have. No TV shows in those days though.

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    Oh, Flaming June is this painting! I know it but had no idea what is was called.

    I love this painting as much as someone else in my house hates it, and all paintings like it, with a passion.


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    Thanks for sharing Zwiebel. Pretty.

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    wow....I love that painting.....the sea look beautiful.
    ~ shine on you crAzy diamond ~ Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

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    Thank you Zwiebel.

    The painting is gorgeous and I too absolutely love Pre-Raphaelite paintings (and everything to do with the Arts and Crafts movement).

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