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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Websleuths Makes the News Down Under

    Hats off to our incredible Websleuths members. You made the news in Australia

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    This is wonderful news! You've developed a marvelous career that offers hope to victims and their families. I wanted to thank you for that great cause.

    Websleuths Rocks!

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    Many thanks to Mark White for writing this article, which is appearing in quite a few national publications across the country.

    I hope this brings us an influx of new Aussie members.
    Everything I have posted at this website, past or present, represents my opinion or my understanding of events based on facts that are publicly available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausgirl View Post
    Many thanks to Mark White for writing this article, which is appearing in quite a few national publications across the country.

    I hope this brings us an influx of new Aussie members.
    Aussie Ms Gator here, at your service. Saw the article this morning and pointed it out to a friend who actually piqued my interest initially in true crime. I daresay she won't be far behind me.

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    wonderful may it bring more of us crazy aussies to the site, thanks Trish for this great site.
    "seek not a life of riches , earthly gold or pearls, seek only a heart that is happy, a heart that is honest, a heart that is pure"

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    Aussie Aussie Aussie!
    All posts should be considered to be my personal opinion, unless a link is provided.

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    Allison was everyone's mum next door and everyone involved with Allison's murder on WS became a like minded caring family. If my memory serves me I think it was Aunty ? who had the weird feeling that Allison was under the Kholo Bridge and we were all concerned when she wanted go take a look.
    Our wonderful DocWatson who lived so close to the Baden-Clays and offered the best of medical advice.
    I can never forget Allioop our verified solicitor who kept up up to speed every step of the way & I remember she dug deep and purchased many of the court documents along with others.
    Oh the laughter and the tears, the Google walks up hill and down dale searching roundabouts for street cameras, scratching our collective heads on why some aged parents would do the now infamous 'Grannie pash' and grope in public view awaiting MSM cameras. We learned about mobile phones pinging from surrounding towers, maggots and the process of decomposition.
    The real gobsmacking moment was when Allison's inlaws spoke so badly of her on the witness stand but jubilation was when justice prevailed to see her murderous and adulterous husband get a long gaol term. Halalulia!

    History repeats itself over and over again.....
    enough is enough with domestic violence.

    Chemo a day keeps the funeral away
    ET go home

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    I'm a true, blue Aussie and proud of it !!!! I love Websleuths !!!

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    SMH! (yes newspaperpaper pun)

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    Just read the article and wow, like I have said before, this place rocks! The people here are smart and good hearted, they care and make a difference. Thanks Tricia for an opportunity to be here and be part of it.
    Your Dream must be greater than your fear!

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    Feeling grossly misrepresented to be honest - Psychiatric Nurse? (did he mean Paediatric? even though I work with giants now) And certainly not the case that brought me here to WS, but very glad WS got a nod!

    Serves me right for not replying quickly to the journalist!

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    Really interesting article - I have often wondered whether missing persons or murderers check out these boards!

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