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    UK - British journalist was serial killer, says book. But can it be true?

    A British journalist lived a double life as a serial killer and died without his crimes ever being revealed, according to a remarkable book just published in Ireland.

    The man, described as “an internationally-renowned war correspondent”, is reputed to have been responsible for a string of murders, rapes and tortures.

    But his identity has been concealed by the book’s writer, who himself works under a nom de plume. So how can we be sure that Numb: diary of a war correspondent* is not a macabre hoax?

    It is supposedly based on computer files and notes found by the journalist’s wife after her husband died, aged 55, last year. She was then put into touch with a ghostwriter, a former Irish lawyer who conceals his own identity by calling himself Louis La Roc

    The Guardian

    Forensic Psychology Portal

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    Shadow, what's the name of the book? Thanks,

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