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    Australia - Wojtek Stasiak, 22, Parramatta, NSW, 2 Feb 2001

    Missing from Australia 2nd of February 2001. I'm not actively working on this match but thought since it occured to me he is a possible match I'd better post here in case someone else wants to check it out.


    There's a bit about him on tennis forums... apparently he and his twin brother played tennis, coached by their father, though how good that source is IDK. I've seen one source say the family is of Polish origin via Brazil.

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    Completely different faces. I wouldn't pursue this as a match

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    I wouldn't rule out Stasiak without a little more work - an earlier picture of a lighter-weight Stasiak does bear some resemblance (note especially the noses -- as if they've possibly been broken), and the autopsy did say the UID had recently lost a lot of weight. The mention of an accent is also interesting.


    This is Wojtek's twin, Jurek:


    And our UID: UID1.jpgUID2.jpg

    One more Jurek showing attached lobes:


    Granted, this is Jurek - but he is Wojtek's twin (unknown whether identical twin) and tends to have pictures of himself where he appears closer to our UID's weight.

    Word on the tennis forums is that the boys' father pushed them too hard and Wojtek fled - could indicate a voluntary runaway or could be someone who knows something trying to make it seem that way.
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    I'll leave the above for good measure, but after just finding Lyle's hotel photos, I agree this is not a very good match. The Wojtek's have very European features; Lyle looks much more Native to me.

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