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    TX - Andrew Garcia, 26, Amarillo, 4 April 2015


    Andrew Michael Garcia was last seen on April 4 in the 2100 block of North Marrs in Amarillo, Texas.

    He is described as 5'11" tall and 175 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

    The missing person case was transferred to APD's Special Crimes Unit, as investigators believe Garcia may be in danger.

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    Thank you so much OkieGranny! I actually gave this gentleman a ride on April 4th and have visited with the detectives since then. Through this I have met and stay in connect with his family so I've become emotionally invested. I want Andrew home for his family...and in my opinion the details are very hokey!

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    Andrew's facebook page:


    I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say here but there is SO MUCH more to this story then what is in the news. I hope this gets some attention!

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    He has several tattoos. They haven't provided details of those tattoos.


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    He also is a tattoo artist so he carries around a black backpack with his equipment as well. When I spoke to him he was heading to a house (where I dropped him off) after doing some tattoos earlier in the day. Let me see if I can find out what tattoos he had on his own body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAmber806 View Post
    He also is a tattoo artist so he carries around a black backpack with his equipment as well. When I spoke to him he was heading to a house (where I dropped him off) after doing some tattoos earlier in the day. Let me see if I can find out what tattoos he had on his own body.

    Thank you for sharing!!!!
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    I wish I could share more but I'm just not sure what I can say. Am I allowed to at least share the portion that I was specifically involved in? My thoughts about people that I picked up that day?? Ugh! Can I share what I witnessed personally while with the family and the detective? I just don't want to cross a line.

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    Several witnesses, police said, said Garcia might be in danger.


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    Yes, they do believe he is in danger. People have been interviewed by detectives, very sketchy people that were last with Andrew, and rumors abound. The bottom line is that no matter what is going on with Andrew it's not normal behavior. His mom and cousin both told me that Andrew has never gone this long without contacting them. They seem to be a very tight family and talked to Andrew on a daily basis. Such shadiness around April 4th and him missing.

    Some of his facebook messages are a little unsettling too.

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    Bump. I wish they'd let more info out. Any updates?

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    Yes his last couple of FB posts are worrying. Marking my spot. I hope he is ok.

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    I'm going to message a mod and see exactly what I can and can't say...I would love to be able to share more info etc.

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    Ok I have messaged a mod for further guidance on what I can talk about. I'm going to list a few things that I know to be fact because I was personally there whether it was the day I gave Andrew Garcia and his girlfriend at the time a ride to a house or the two evenings I spent with the family showing them the house, speaking with the detective, and hearing all those exchanges. I'll flag my own post and if it's not allowed I'll understand if it's deleted.

    Facts that I personally know:

    1. I gave Andrew and his girlfriend at the time (I'm not sure I can name her here) a ride at 5pm on April 4, 2015.
    2. Andrew said they were walking from Grand Street to the Tradewinds area here in Amarillo.
    3. Andrew was in a great, talkative mood...one of those people that you just instantly take a liking too. Friendly, very well mannered, and very grateful for the ride.
    4. The girlfriend was the complete opposite and at one point on the short drive home I got very nervous because she was acting very sketchy...like she may have been strung out on drugs. She didn't say barely two words to me the entire time.
    5. Very shortly(a few days) after April 4, 2015 the girlfriend changed her FB status to dating someone else and posted pictures of her and new boyfriend on a road trip to Colorado up in the mountains.
    6. She wouldn't speak with family or police for several weeks following Andrew's disappearance.
    7. The house that I dropped Andrew off at is very much a "drug house". The house is in a decent neighborhood and neighbors repeatedly said that shady and sketchy people are constantly going in and out of this house. The house is disheveled and very unkempt...a vast difference in the surrounding houses.
    8. The guy that actually owns/rents this house (there are many that live there) went to rehab around the time Andrew went missing...exact date unknown.
    9. This may be considered rumor but I did hear people in this house say that the girlfriend's "street name" is Black Widow. Could have nothing to do with anything but the family finds it very interesting.

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    Doesn't sound good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holmesleuthing View Post
    Doesn't sound good.
    Unfortunately it doesn't, I agree.
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