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    Florida man survives fall from bridge while changing tyre

    When the SUV of Reginald D. White blew a tyre on the approach to the Sunshine Skywalk Bridge in St Petersburg, Florida, he stepped out to change it. But he stumbled, went backwards over a barrier wall and plunged 30 feet into the water.

    Amazingly, White sustained only minor injuries and was able to cling onto a pylon until help arrived.

    "When I hit the water, it was like God had a glove. He caught me," White told Tampa Bay's WFTS. "I just hit the water, I came up, and the first thing I saw was that pylon. So I had to swim to it."
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    Wow. So glad he's okay! I know I'd be having nightmares -- and daymares -- about it for a long time.

    I'd say Mr. White is one blessed man. But, is there more to this story? The article says he stopped on the bridge after his tire blew; it also says he got out of his vehicle "following a crash." And the reporter in the video states, at the end, that the towing company refuses to give White his vehicle back. What is that all about?!?
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