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    IN - Zhanelle Link, 19, Fort Wayne, 28 Dec 2014

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The body of the young woman found in a trash can in Fort Wayne has been identified as 19-year-old Zhanelle Link. Her foster family is pleading with the public to help police find out how she died.

    “She left here saying she was going to a friend’s house and we never heard from her again” the teen’s aunt, Starr Kage said. Zhanelle went missing on Monday, December 29 of 2014. She was a senior, on break from New Haven High School and when she didn’t return home her foster family took to social media to find her. Friends said they knew nothing. Police said they could do little because Zhanelle was 19 and an adult, though she suffered from developmental delays as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome. No one who knew her can imagine anyone would want to hurt her.
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    From October:


    Police have disclosed little about her death and declined to release incident reports filed by responding officers. The Allen County Coroner’s Office declined to release toxicology results, which were positive but showed nothing that would have killed her, Deputy Coroner Patt Kite wrote in an email response in August.

    The cause and manner of her death could not be determined...

    Lanette Link... believes Zhanelle died from untreated diabetes, and somebody with her disposed of the body. “They’re scared to take it up (to the police). Somebody knew what happened,” she said.

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    How sad, I wonder if her friends thought she OD'd and were to frightened to help?

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    How awful... Shame on whoever dumped her in the trash like a piece of garbage!

    Papa Rob, I think you might be right. Maybe someone gave her drugs, and then when she died they thought they would get into trouble for it. So they put her in the trash! Unbelievable

    I read of another case where a teenage girl died from untreated diabetes after taking drugs with friends. She had gone into a bedroom by herself to lie down, and the coroner said that because she was under the influence of drugs she hadn't noticed the signs of a diabetic episode, or hadn't been able to take the necessary steps to save herself. Her friends didn't know she had diabetes so they weren't looking out for her. At least in that case they did the right thing and called an ambulance, though!

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    I just found the name of the girl I was writing about above - it was Jenna Bowling.

    'It appears that Jenna voluntarily took the drugs and alcohol, became intoxicated, and as a result of her intoxication, was not able to properly address her diabetes as it caused her blood sugar level to elevate to a fatal level," [DA] Frasier said.

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