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    UK - Timothy Waterman for sex abuse, child porn, Hampshire, 2013

    I'm horrified that child abusers are getting convicted, but not sent to prison. This case involves not merely active RL victims, but also possession of child porn, and the perpetrator was a Scout volunteer, which I would regard as a position of trust (although his victims weren't in his Scout troop):

    Judge Richard Parkes QC at Winchester Crown Court said the offences were “a breach of trust”

    but he was willing to give him “a chance to start again”.
    Referring to the pornography, Judge Parkes said: “The children who feature in these videos will have been traumatised for the rest of their days.

    “You’re a man of good character: I accept that. My concern in this case is to protect the public, to protect children and to help you that you never offend in his way again because that’s the best way to protect children.”


    Another man let off without prison for [possession of child porn, this one a youth theatre director: http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/crim...s_of_children/

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    "Man of good character" and pedophile do not belong in the same sentence. The judge must be smoking crack!

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    No surprise here. Our JUSTICE system, where you can be out in 7 to 10 years or less for murdering someone, and where paedo's constantly walk free out of court. Disgraceful. Also scary.

    I was actually looking at some information on the few people with actual life sentences in the UK the other day, and surprise surprise, most of them had previously been convicted of murder. So had been released after serving minimal time, to kill again. It's a joke.

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    I'm not surprised at all by this. Sadly it's the way it seems to be in the UK.
    It is very scary, pedophiles seem to be given chance after chance!

    How can a judge say he's a man of good character, while he's charged with such sickening crimes?

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    We are having the same problem here in Australia not only with pedophiles but crims in general are freed to walk the streets and commit the crimes again.

    Many murders are committed by someone on parol.

    Chemo a day keeps the funeral away
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