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    South Africa - Man drugged, sexually assaulted by gang of women


    "PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA—A South African man was raped by a gang of women for his semen this week, the latest incident in a series of attacks that has seen groups of women sexually assaulting men in the country.

    A 33-year-old man said he was held at gunpoint by three women on Tuesday. He alleges he was forced into a black BMW, given a drink that caused an erection, and then raped near the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. The women put his semen in a cooler box before leaving him in an open field and driving away.

    “They pointed at him with a firearm directly, a shotgun,” said constable Mncedi Mbombo. “They gave him something to drink, then they left him after they got the sperm.”

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    Seriously ,.. a drink?

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    Mbombo suspects the women could be working as part of a syndicate dealing in semen sales. “We are taking it serious,” he said of the investigation.

    The incident comes at the same time local news organizations have reported women at the Zimbabwe border selling semen to sangomas, traditional healers who then use the substance in their popular rituals.

    There have been multiple cases of women raping men in 2015, though not all of them have been in pursuit of bodily fluids. Earlier this year, police confirmed that men in Diepsloot and Tembisa, areas just outside of Johannesburg, were kidnapped by gangs of women and sexually assaulted.

    I hate to say it's odd, but there seems to be a lot of cases of males getting raped in SA.


    Zimbabwean prostitutes collecting sperm to sell to South African sangomas


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    Females sexually assaulting men was noted in 2011..


    "Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri told the BBC that they believe that there is a syndicate operating nationwide.

    "We have received reports from around the country from different towns and provinces, it's been happening on the highways," he said.

    "We are yet to find out the real reason why this is happening. We have heard speculation that it's linked to rituals."

    He appealed for witnesses to come forward.

    "We need to hear from people who are prepared to tell," the superintendent said.

    The semen is believed to be used in rituals to bring success in business, and there are suggestions that the semen is being taken outside the country for sale.

    But cultural expert and sociology lecturer Claude Mararikei told the BBC that it was not clear how the semen would be used.

    "It's in the area of rituals and magic, which border on secret societies," he said.

    "Even researchers don't want to go into that area because you may not come out alive to publish whatever you find out."
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