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    MA - Kelly Ford, 23, Lynn, 16 Aug 2001

    Yet another COLD CASE. Found this one at www.theyaremissed.com -

    Kelly Ford was 23 . Circumstances -
    "Unknown. Kelly was last seen in the area of the 100 block of Willow St., in Lynn, MA. She indicated she was taking a city bus to a job interview at approximately 10:30am. Apparently, Kelly mistakenly got off the bus in Swampscott several stops too early. Nearly two months after her disappearance, two children playing Frisbee, discovered her dismembered remains were located in a shallow grave on Scusset Beach in the town of Sandwich on Cape Cod."

    If anyone knows anyhting else about this case, please post it. There does not seem to be any other info about Kelly anywhere else on the web.

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    If anyone knows the date she went missing and/or the date her remains were located that would be helpful.....maybe I missed it

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    Here is a link to her file in the National Center for Missing Adults. Sorry, same write-up with no date...


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    I know we're not supposed to put the entire article, got this out of newslibrary.com. I'm just putting the pertinent parts:

    Boston Herald

    November 7, 2001
    Edition: ALL
    Section: News

    Two Frisbee players found Ford's remains on Scusset Beach Oct. 22. Even though her head has not been found, authorities believe it was originally buried with the remains.

    Last week, Ford's mother, Deborah Ford, positively identified her daughter for police by the jewelry found next to her remains and a photo of the tattoo on her daughter's back.

    The tattoo, which Deborah, 44, and her husband, Mark, 46, also have on their backs, is a Chinese symbol of "Summer Love," the name of Ford's 4-year-old daughter.

    Meanwhile, investigators continued to interview potential witnesses or suspects in the case that turned from a missing person report to gruesome murder.

    "We will be talking to a number of individuals in the next couple days," state police Sgt. James Plath said yesterday.

    Earlier in the week, officials said they were focusing on a few suspects, but would not elaborate.

    Deborah Ford reported her daughter missing to Lynn police Aug. 16, one day after she disappeared while en route from a Lynn detox to a job interview in Marblehead.

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    From this article, it sounds like LE is pretty sure that Eugene McCollom is guilty of this crime. Lacking a confession, they could not prosecute.

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    Fortunately, the man many people assume did this, is now serving a life sentence for killing someone else.


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    Interestingly enough this is Josh Fords neiece. He and his girlfriend were murdered by the Sifrits in ocean city Maryland in 2001

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