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    PA - Gouldsboro, WhtMale Skull UP14868, 60+, in woods off Rt 507, Apr'15

    LEHIGH TOWNHIP — Some hunters found a human skull earlier this week in Wayne County.

    Two hunters were out scouting a location deep in the woods in Lehigh Township in Wayne County on Tuesday. That’s when, police say, they stumbled upon the human skull.


    Should be route 507. Not art...
    The World Has Gone Mad.

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    Another story: http://www.wayneindependent.com/arti...9938/-1/sports The article is dated May 4.

    A human skull found in dense woods in the Gouldsboro area was there for at least a year, authorities said.

    Wayne County Coroner Edward Howell said Friday it was too early to say if foul play was involved in the death. He did note, however, that it is uncommon to find a human skull without other remains in the same area.

    A forensic anthropologist and cadaver dogs were assisting state police in the investigation. No other remains were found as of 4 p.m. press time Friday.
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    Jamie Metzger went missing about 15 miles away, a year ago. "there for at least a year" is pretty vague atm.


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    Holly Ann Grim

    I see she has a few threads here and I haven't read them so I don't know anything about her case, just saw it was less than hour away via map.

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    Sorry for all the posts.

    Maria Quinones-Garcia-"Suffers from mental health issues which require medication. She was not taking her meds at the time she disappeared." Maybe a reason to go into the woods?


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    When these cases are so new that they don't even have a gender, etc., it's too soon for me (personally) to start jumping in. If you note, about half of these 2015 cases are solved in like 2 weeks and is often a local that is not in the national databases.

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