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    MI - Charles Rutherford, 34, & Lana Stempien (fd dec.), Aug 2005 - Detroit Boaters

    Michigan State Police said in a Tuesday news release that a 27-foot Wellcraft boat named "Sea's Life" was found adrift on Friday at about 11 a.m. with its motor running and no persons onboard.

    The vessel was found after the Coast Guard's Sault Ste. Marie sector received a report that a boat matching its description had been located near Bois Blanc Island, Mich. The St. Ignace station launched its 47-foot life boat and tracked down the missing boat at that location.

    The Coast Guard suspended its search for Stempien and Rutherford on Saturday after an extensive two-day search covering the area between Marquette Island, Bois Blanc Island and Mackinac Island.

    The Michigan State Police St. Ignace Post said that it's keeping its investigation into the disappearance open.

    Authorities said at this point, they do not suspect foul play.

    This is a couple of attorneys from Detroit. Mid-30's, boyfriend & girlfriend, come from good families.

    What do you all think? Foul play or accident?

    I hope I posted this correctly. I am here all the time, but rarely post. I want your great opinions sleuthers!

    I know this girl....haven't seen her in years, though.

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    This is a strange one....motor running, no passengers....police don't suspect foul play?
    What do they think happened, I wonder? A suicide pact?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SewingDeb
    This is a strange one....motor running, no passengers....police don't suspect foul play?
    What do they think happened, I wonder? A suicide pact?
    No, I don't think it was suicide. Like I said, this girl is an acquaintance from many years ago. This couple had much going for them. I talked to my aunt yesterday who knows this girl good, and she (Lana) had called her dad just prior to them disappearing, checking in with him. She also talked to a cousin of mine (her best friend) that same day. Nothing was amiss.

    But, I wonder, could working for the City of Detroit as an attorney play into this?

    Also, I heard from my aunt that the panic button was pushed at around 1:30 a.m.

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    Body may be missing lawyer

    The discovery of a body that washed up on a rocky shoal in northern Lake Huron may be the first step in unraveling a mystery in the disappearance of a Grosse Pointe Farms attorney who went missing along with her boyfriend two weeks ago as they boated to a Mackinac Island getaway.

    The body of a woman found Wednesday in Hammond Bay may be that of Lana Stempien, 35. A lakeside resident spotted the body around 4:30 p.m. about a quarter of a mile north of the Hammond Bay Marina, Michigan State Police Sgt. Michael Powell said Thursday.

    "The chances are 60% or greater that it's Lana's body," Powell said.

    Still missing is Stempien's boyfriend, Charles (Chuck) Rutherford, 34.

    rest of story at link

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    Perhaps one of them had gone swimming (the water is in better condition out farther) and got into trouble so the other one jumped in, hoping to save the other and both drown. It says the motor was "on" but it doesn't say it was in gear moving, does it? I might have missed that part.

    What time did they go out on the boat?

    Since one person looks to be washed up, I am hoping it was just a horrible accident. Such a sad waste of two lives.

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    Bumping UP - featured on Dateline tonight.

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    Wow, I'm also very suprised this case isn't getting a lot more interest on these boards when so many other cases are especially considering
    this case is one of the most baffling ever.

    It's amazing there hasn't been a post here in almost a YEAR for a case that's more mysterious and intriguing than most of the cases on here that get more attention!

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    I just read through the thread kind of quickly. Did I miss it or is there no mention of an autopsy on Lana's body? Had she been in the water too long to determine cause of death?

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    There is another thread with links to pics and more articles and info on the autopsy:

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