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    Australia - Gold coast teen escapes car wreck, gets hit by drunk driver

    A Gold Coast teen had an amazing escape when the car she was a passenger in was hit by someone driving a Mitsubishi Magna, who then fled the scene.

    As she climbed through the window of the wrecked car and tried to cross the road, the 19-year-old was hit by another car, driven by a 24-year-old man. The teen was thrown into the windscreen, smashing it, and then onto the road. She walked away from that wreck too. Tests revealed that driver had over three times the blood alcohol limit, Queensland police say.

    The teen, who hasn't been named, told reporters she has 'a sore back and leg'.

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    I'm surprised the ambulance that carted her away didn't have a wreck. I've read so many stories of people escaping death once, then twice, maybe even three times in one day/week, and finally getting killed on the fourth accident. It almost seems when death comes for you, it won't quit.

    I am glad, BTW, that she survived.
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    You are wonderful zwiebel!

    What a bazaar story, I want to go halves in a lottery ticket with this lucky girl.
    Is she lucky or unlucky?

    Chemo a day keeps the funeral away
    ET go home

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