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    Thailand - Rachel Turner, 42, found dead in hotel pool, 17 May 2015

    I read this earlier today and assumed Rachel had gone for an early morning swim and got into trouble somehow. Then I read an updated report claiming she was found drowned in her underwear at 6am. Now there are reports of a "fierce argument" between her and her partner the night before.


    I do wish tourists would stop dying in Thailand. I already feel like we may never know the truth...

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    I have to say I had not read this latest development until today, but as soon as I saw the boyfriend's quote about Rachel "Crying her eyes out with joy" in the first reports it just struck me as odd and I wondered.....

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    This is Rachels FB page, which is already a "remembering" profile (when someone dies FB does this so their page is still open - it's happened very quickly!!)


    Also interesting to note she is listed as Rachel Turner Brown and on HIS page is says he's married to her (his surname is Brown, as reported in MSM). MSM have given the impression they were boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Nothing else at all being reported, since 3 days ago. Odd.

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