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    Germany - Jeremiah Duggan, 22, British student, Wiesbaden, 27 March 2003

    Interesting and tragic and still unclear a dozen years on:

    Jeremiah Duggan's death not a suicide: British coroner

    A British student who died in Germany after attending a conference organised by a far-right group did not commit suicide, a British coroner has ruled.

    Overturning an earlier ruling by German authorities, Andrew Walker said on Thursday that the LaRouche group, which organised the conference, “may have had a bearing” on the death of Jeremiah Duggan, who died after being hit by two cars.
    Prof Matthew Feldman, of Teesside University, said that once the group found out Duggan was Jewish, British and had been to the Tavistock Centre in north London – which LaRouche followers believe is a “clearing house for the Zionist British control of the world” – he would have been viewed as “enemy number one”.

    “Alarm bells would have been ringing and it would have been taken very seriously by the movement.”
    the story at Guardian link above

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    Wow! I hadn't heard the name Lyndon LaRouche in years! It seems to me even in 2003, an actual medical examiner could tell relatively quickly whether someone died of injuries due to an auto v. pedestrian situation or blunt force trauma or any trauma that occurred prior to being hit by a car/vehicle.
    Perhaps the coroner system is all they have in Germany? I would hazard a guess that Germany does not like crimes when visitors are killed for anything related to being Jewish? Perhaps they hoped hit and run, closed, would be accepted?
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    I thought the theory was he walked out in front of the cars so now they are saying he didn't? How can they tell?

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    Alexis Weisberger, who was at the event carrying out “sociological research” into the group, said Duggan had many questions about LaRouche’s ideology and beliefs to begin with, but this changed as the conference went on.

    “He was critical in the beginning, but at the end of five days all that was lost – eating, sleeping and singing together you end up being exhausted with no power to think for yourself,” Weisberger said.

    At about 4.25am on the morning of his death, Erica Duggan said her son called her at home in the UK and said he was in trouble. “I could not sleep and I picked it up straight away as if I had been waiting to hear from him,” she said.

    Visibly upset, she said Duggan sounded very frightened and had said he wanted to get away “to escape from them”. “I had no doubt he wanted me to rescue him.”

    The drivers said they believed the student had tried to kill himself.

    But forensic scientist Alan Bayle told the inquest earlier on Wednesday there was no evidence to support the claim. “I firmly believe this incident was staged and that Mr Duggan met his death somewhere else and his body dumped on the road,” he said.

    There were no traces of blood, glass or skin on the two cars that were supposed to have hit Duggan, Bayle said, adding: “It did not take me very long to see this was a crime scene and not a traffic accident.”

    Bayle, who based his inquiries on photographs of the incident, said there was sand on both cars and the student’s shoes to suggest Duggan had been at a nearby quarry or building site at the same time as the cars. He said Duggan might have been chased and then beaten to death at the quarry before his body was moved to the motorway.

    “In my opinion, Mr Duggan has either gone through a quarry or building site. They are actually racing these cars around trying to follow him – the cars go over posts and bumps – that is where they get the damage.”

    The north London coroner Andrew Walker asked whether it was plausible that the scene had been faked on a busy motorway at 6am without any witnesses.

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    Sadly still no news for the poor family. However this site has some links to some newspaper sites from both England and Germany about the case.

    Also from the Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Jeremiah_Duggan i found a few links that show that there were at one point two suspects

    (link is in German)

    According to the findings so far, there is much to suggest that Duggan was hit first and then rushed to the street. The prosecutor's office is now investigating two persons known by name - a Frenchman and a German - on suspicion of bodily injury and death. They are supposed to be adherents of the so-called LaRouche movement, an international right-wing group of world conspiracy apostles.

    According to the findings of the investigators, the literary student Jeremiah Duggan wanted to engage in Paris against Bush and the bombs on Baghdad. He was joined by activists who were grouped around the newspaper "Nouvelle Solidarité". They talked about solidarity, humanism and culture, which appealed to the wary and politically interested foe.

    What Duggan apparently did not know is that "Nouvelle Solidarité" is one of the many well-meaning names that decorate an obscure political sect, whose self-proclaimed leader is Lyndon LaRouche, a 92-year-old conspiracy theorist from the USA. In Germany, she acts under the name BüSo, solidarity movement, led by LaRouche's wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche.
    But I can't find anything in the press afterwards - so no idea what happened to the two suspects

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