It’s a crime that’s been referred to as “modern day slavery.” Human trafficking is taking place in areas all around the world, including the Delaware Valley. One survivor from North Philadelphia spoke to NBC10 to share her story.

Tyleah Eubanks was 15-years-old the day she checked her Facebook account, a normal occurrence that would ultimately change her life forever.


That was her life, seven days a week for one year, until police arrested McIntyre in 2012.

“That could be anybody’s daughter,” said Bob Parks of the FBI. “That could be your neighbor. That could be your daughter’s or your son’s friend at school.”


The children are lured in different ways, including online, local malls, parks or schools. The traffickers typically groom and brainwash their victims, similar to a cult leader influencing followers.
“The connection that develops between the victims and the perpetrator is very powerful,” said Philadelphia’s US Attorney Zane Memeger. “They’re only 15, 16-years-old and they’re gonna be victims for the rest of their lives dealing with the psychological ramifications of what these guys did.”