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    "The Mysteries of Laura" - fictional crime show - episode of "intrusive web sleuther"

    I'm catching up on some Tivo'd episodes and one of them is the 21st episode (Season 1) of "The Mysteries of Laura," starring Debra Messing (of "Will & Grace" fame), which aired a week or 2 ago.

    Anyway, the episode has a running subplot that figures prominently -- a woman from a sleuthing web site called "SleuthItOut.com." The sleuther is interfering in the case they're working, showing up where the cops are investigating, telling them they need her help, and the detectives keep referring to her as "that crazy web sleuther who thinks she's part of law enforcement."

    The sleuther even has a radio show that she runs out of her apartment. The detectives find out she is obsessed with the female victim in the case from her time in high school, and this web sleuther thinks she is "working the cold case."

    The main lead, played by Debra Messing, confronts the web sleuther and in no uncertain terms tells crazy sleuther to "butt out and let the real detectives do the work!" Crazy sleuther promises to back off and stop interfering, but of course she doesn't, and she ends up having the killer on her radio show (in person), and after being secretly warned he's the killer so she can escape and save herself, she instead stupidly confronts the killer who is in her apartment, "You're the killer!" He beats her up and is strangling her and crazy sleuther is saved at the last minute by the real detectives. Once again crazy sleuther promises to stay out of the detectives' jobs, but the moment she leaves the precinct they know she's lying and will interfere yet again.

    ===> Methinks someone on the writing staff of "Mysteries of Laura" has been hanging out on the Interwebs of a certain site...

    I can't help but LOLOL. It's really quite droll!
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    I love her but I have not watched any of them yet , but now I will
    Suzanne Marie Sevakis Welcome home.

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    I've tried watching that series but my Spanish ain't up to it. Maybe if I persevered with the mumbling it would eventually improve.

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