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    MI - Brenden Hartranft, 18 mos, dies of head trauma, Jackson County, 14 March 2015


    I didn't see a thread started for this little one, even though it was a while back. The suspect is being questioned in the death of a 21-month old child as well!!! I am seriously getting fed up to my ears with all of these moms' boyfriends killing these babies

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    Link to info on the death of the 21-month old. His/her name has not been released as far as I can see. RIP to both of these li'l ones.

    (PS I misspelled Brenden's last name in thread title and have asked a mod to change this--sorry.)

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    Precious Brenden's picture and obituary...18-month olds shouldn't have obituaries

    For little Brenden and the other child gone too soon by an evil hand:

    Heaven's Cradle

    There’s never a lack of room
    in Heaven’s cradle
    to rock and sway the sweetest fragile soul,
    with nursery rhymes full of love
    for a tender life that God called home.

    Each thought that comes from hearts
    about that missing angel,
    are an incense stored in a divine chalice,
    along with every tear shed.

    When the night comes
    while one sleeps
    the Lord allows that sweet spirit
    a chance to bring an ethereal kiss upon the cheek,
    just His way of making sure we know
    our day will come
    when we shall in His eternal city
    look forward to a blessed reunion,
    having a chance to give a hug
    and stroll hand in hand with that cherub being
    forever able to share
    what time didn’t allow in this life.

    May the Lord touch with His mercy,
    draped you in peace,
    keep you in His arms of serenity,
    ever able to cherish the vision
    of the day when you again
    can embrace the one you hold so dear.


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    "He was pale, he had food hanging out of his mouth, his eyes were closed, he had purple lips, he was just lifeless," said Brooke Hartranft about her son Brenden, who died in March...

    And this isn't the only toddler death Jurewicz is being investigated for.

    He started dating another woman after Brenden's death. The new girlfriend's son was found dead just days before Jurewicz was arrested.

    J.D. and Chere Pepper were scheduled to pick up their grandson for a visit when they got a call that the toddler's mom had found the 21-month-old dead in his crib...

    According to court documents, preliminary results show Jesse Pepper Jr.'s injuries were "consistent with blunt force trauma in multiple areas to the head."

    The Jackson County Sheriff's Department quickly identified Scott Jurewicz as a suspect. The 27-year-old Jackson man had just moved in with Jesse's mom.

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    So sad. I wonder if CPS or the investigator who warned the second mom had had access to the grandparents, to warn THEM, how differently this would have turned out.

    I will say, this guy doesn't look like what I expected him to. He doesn't look at all like the angry hostile pigs who usually murder their girlfriend's babies. It's one thing to doubt he's guilty and think he was set up - it's another thing to leave your baby (who looks exactly like the first baby murdered, IMHO) with this guy alone. What was she trying to prove putting her baby at risk like that when anyone sane would at least take the precaution of not leaving them alone? How psychotic is this guy to kill TWO babies out of rage in this short period of time?

    So so sad.

    He "could" face life in prison for the beating death of two toddlers. I wonder what he "could" be facing if he delivered a bottle of hydrocodone to someone who didn't have a prescription for it.

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    Jurewicz was not arrested in Brenden Hartranft's death until May 22, one day after he became a suspect in a second, unrelated child's death; 26 days after he was released from jail and more than two months after Brenden died.

    In the weeks following Brenden's March 17 death, Hartranft said it felt like Jurewicz was throwing her loss in her face.

    A judge approved Hartranft's petition [for a personal protection order] against Jurewicz on April 7. She said not only was her ex-boyfriend calling her constantly, he was withholding some of her possessions until she would meet him in person.

    And he had followed her to her son's gravesite.

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    [Jurewicz] became frustrated with Brenden and "admitted to snatching Brenden up, giving him a good shake and putting him down harder than he should have," according to a Department of Human Services petition filed May 22 in circuit court. It seeks to terminate Jurewicz's rights to his 9-year-old son.
    Authorities knew Jurewicz had access to other children. Merritt and Children's Protective Services warned [Jesse's] mother about leaving her children with Jurewicz and she knew he was a a suspect in a child death, according to court records.

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    Jesse Pepper Jr. (left) and Brenden Hartranft. (right)

    A (detective) informed Andrea Conaway that he could not discuss the details of the case but that Scott Jurewicz is a dangerous individual and that if he was Andrea Conaway he would not leave his children alone with Scott Jurewicz," the court record reads in part.

    It goes on to say, "Andrea Conaway reported she is aware Mr. Jurewicz could be involved in the death of a child. Ms. Conaway reported Mr. Jurewicz was 'set up' and did not really kill the child.... Ms. Conaway reported she does not have any ... fear that he would hurt her children. Andrea Conaway stated she trusts Mr. Jurewicz as she has been in a relationship with Mr. Jurewicz for about three weeks."

    CPS warned Conaway that the state could hold her responsible if Jurewicz harmed her kids. But Miller said the caseworker also could have removed the children because Conaway was putting them at risk...

    the Office of Children's Ombudsman has recommended that the state find new ways to address risks posed by "non-parent adults" -- usually live-in boyfriends.

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    October 2015 - Andrea Conaway's surviving son was taken into care shortly after Jesse's death, but not her parental rights are terminated. She denied remembering any of the warnings she had been given about her new boyfriend.

    Jackson County Probate Judge Diane Rappleye said Monday... Conaway [was] not credible or contrite.

    After hearing a day of testimony and argument, Rappleye decided Tuesday to take jurisdiction of Conaway's surviving 3-year-old son and to terminate Conaway's parental rights to the boy..

    Before [Conaway and Jurewicz started dating, Conway] said she heard he was a suspect in a homicide case. Someone she knew had talked to Hartranft, Conaway testified, answering questions posed by Rezmierski.

    About a week before Jesse's death, Jurewicz told her he was under investigation for Brenden's death. "He said he felt comfortable enough to tell me, that he is going to start opening up to me more."

    She said she asked him if she should be worried about her children, and he kept saying he was under investigation, she said. Conaway said she did not ask for details, a fact that Rappleye found unfathomable. "That escapes all thoughts," the judge said.
    Much more at link-

    Conaway said she understood Jesse to have been smothered and beaten.

    At the scene, police found a pillow with an indentation, Rappleye said, recalling testimony from county sheriff's Sgt. Bryan Huttenlocker.

    With authorities, Conaway was uncooperative and inconsistent, according to testimony from police and Alison Zinn of Children's Protective Services.

    Even on the stand Monday, Conaway's testimony about the events leading up to her son's death was difficult to follow. "It was changing right here before my eyes," the judge said of her account...

    Since he was taken from his mother, the 3-year-old is doing well, she said. He is receiving services to help him cope. He is speaking better.

    "He is almost a new kid," Zinn said.

    Looks like she still defended Jurewicz even after Jesse's death - until the autopsy report came in and pointed to homicide. Then she probably realised that if Jurewicz was innocent, the only other suspect would be her.

    Her story didn't make much sense to me... Jesse was left in a playpen all night, and she found him dead in the morning? She didn't call an ambulance or attempt CPR because he was already stiff, she said.

    No one has been charged yet in relation to Jesse's death.
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    A pretrial hearing for Scott Jurewicz has been adjourned until March as attorneys await 18-month-old Brenden Hartranft's complete medical file...

    Judge Thomas Wilson said he would issue a show cause, or bench warrant, should the complete file not be released to the prosecutor's office by Friday, Jan. 29...

    Jurewicz has not been charged in connection to Jesse's death; he will again appear before Wilson for a pretrial hearing March 17, where the status of the case will be assessed.

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    Scott Jurewicz, accused of killing an 18-month-old baby, will appear next in court June 10.

    Jurewicz... appeared in Jackson County Circuit Court Tuesday, April 12 for a pre-trial conference.

    Judge Thomas Wilson rescheduled the pre-trial conference date to allow prosecuting attorneys time to find experts for the case.

    In June, the court could set a date for trial.

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