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    AL - Sherry Blansit, 45, beaten to death at her Mentone home, 29 May 2015

    A 22-year-old University of Alabama-Birmingham student confessed to beating his mom to death in a row over grades, police say.

    Tyler Blansit called Sheriff's officials out to the 'brutal' scene in Mentone, DeKalb County, Friday, and was found with scratches and a lump on his head. His mother's body was nearby.

    Blansit has been arrested and no bond has been set.

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    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    Maybe irrelevant, but I'm curious about what his grades were.
    What were Mom's expectations? His expectations? Different from one another?
    At 22 y/o was he scheduled to graduate now but did not?
    "Studying biology"
    Mentone in DeKalb Co. AL is ~125 mi from U of AL-Birmingham,
    so not a daily-commuting student.

    Hoping her death did not leave any other children motherless.
    Sad, sad, sad.

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    From August:


    A University of Alabama in Birmingham student charged with beating his mother to death in May waived his preliminary hearing on Monday, sending the case on to a grand jury...

    Blansit, a biology student at UAB, was on a break from school when he called sheriff's deputies to the house, claiming that he and his mother had both been attacked.

    Sherry Blansit, who was beaten beyond recognition, was... a bank employee who suffered from multiple sclerosis...

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    DeKalb Co. man pleads not guilty in mother’s beating death


    In his arraignment Tuesday, Tyler Blansit pleaded not guilty by mental disease or defect in the killing of Sherry Blansit. Tyler Blansit, 23, has already been indicted by a DeKalb County grand jury.
    Grand jury indicts Tyler Blansit in 2015 killing of his mother in Mentone

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    DeKalb County man pleads guilty to killing his mother


    Tyler Blansit was sentenced to twenty five years behind bars, where he will serve at least fifteen of those years for the brutal beating of his mother, Sherry Ann, in 2015.

    After reading aloud the plea, Judge Bell said, “I find that you have voluntarily entered and intelligently entered your plea of guilty, and I judge you guilty of murder. Do you have anything to say before your sentence is pronounced?”

    “Just, I’m sorry,” said Blansit.
    After the conclusion of the sentencing, District Attorney Mike O’Dell said of the guilty plea: “We believe this is a very fair resolution to this cause. It’s obviously a very serious and tragic one. After extensive conversations with both sides of the family, we’ve got unusual family dynamics going on here. We do believe that this sentence and this resolution is fair and just. And I believe the family members on both sides are willing to accept this as being such. We’re satisfied, and I believe justice has been done again.”

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