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    82-Year-Old Man Slashes Woman's Tires--She Took his Bingo Seat!


    Did anyone see this? I thought it was hilarious. What in the world? It's nice to have a smile on WS sometimes!!

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    land of most amazing sunsets
    cranky old coot has to pay $500 restitution......Judge should have barred him from bingo halls too!
    Just My Opinion

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    She should egg his house.

    This man demonstrates pretty clearly that age and wisdom don't necessarily go hand-in-hand!
    "Two eyes are not enough, if one desires to accomplish anything." - Marie Bashkirtseff

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    Goodness sakes, he's a feisty one for his age lol

    I worked in a nursing home as a teenager, I can't tell you how many kicks to the face I got putting on pantyhose!

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