This is the press release found on the Del Norte county's Sheriff's Facebook. I started a thread in the jury room before the press release and cannot find it now.
**** Public Safety Alert / Press Release ******** Update ****
The three outstanding people of interest involved with this report were described as follows:
Subject #1: White male adult, possibly named "MARK", mid 20's, blue jeans, black/red ball cap.
Subject #2: White female adult, dirty blonde hair, wearing a red sweater.
Subject #3: Baby, 12-16 months old, possibly named "LUCAS".
**** Initial Release ****
On June 1, 2015 the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Walker Road off U.S. Highway 199 near Hiouchi for a report of carjacking and sexual assault.
The victim stated that she had stopped for a female hitchhiker
with a baby in the rain on Parkway Drive and a male jumped into her car along with the woman and the baby. The victim was directed to drive to the area of Walker Road where she eventually escaped on foot and was aided by a passing vehicle a short time later.
Investigators have been assigned to the case and the investigation is ongoing. Local law enforcement agencies are searching for anyone that matches the suspect descriptions. Anyone that observes a man and a woman travelling together on foot with a baby should call the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office as soon as possible.
The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office would like to advise the
public it is unsafe to pick up strangers and to use caution when this type of situation presents itself.

The direction they were heading was towards I5 in southern Oregon.