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    MN - 24 y/o St.P. woman & pals use tire irons, throw chair re TacoBell meal June 2

    First, a link to non-trad news story,* then a link to traditional MSM.

    Woman Arrested After Taco Bell Tire Iron Assault "There’s really no way to fit all the batshit stuff in this story into a mere 70-character headline."
    " .... [24 y/o] woman ... St. Paul, Minnesota got extremely angry after a Taco Bell drive-thru messed up her order. She and two friends, a woman and a man, then came into the restaurant and, to the surprise of no one who has ever worked in food service, were “belligerent and swore at staff.” A 15-year-old regular customer of the store tried to tell these three grown-ass adults to stop, and an argument ensued. The trio then left the restaurant and came back in shortly thereafter, ...
    threw a chair at the employees behind the counter and ....
    hit the 15-year-old over the head with a tire iron. They then left again, pausing only to hit another customer with the tire iron as he was getting out of his car to get some Taco Bell and attack him as he lay prone, which had to be the biggest and worst “WTF” moment of that guy’s life
    ." bbm
    *http://kitchenette.jezebel.com/woman-arrested-after-taco-bell-tire-iron-assault-1708548060 June 2

    How high can expectations re TacoBell meal be? That high? How disappointed can someone be about that? That disappointed? In what world do ppl act like this over anything, let alone a fast food order? I don't get it, missing something, well, actually, lots of things.

    ** http://www.twincities.com/crime/ci_2...ron-assault-at June 2

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    life elevated
    Idk what is going on seems there are super angry people who lash out in all directions. Here's one who actually shot into the drive up window of MCD's.



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    I've seen a lot of fast-food violence reports in recent months. Taco Bell, Mickey D's, BK, you name it. And it's not just the mainstream fast food places, either. Just a couple of days ago, I saw a news report about ice cream violence and another one about waffle violence and another one about barbecue violence.

    I think it goes hand-in-hand with the "teen violence" and the "large fights" at the fast-food joints.

    It's not about the food, IMO. It's a sickness. A sickness of the soul.
    JMO. MOO.

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    Cops called over ice cream cone with not enough sprinkles

    30 people kicked out of hotel for fighting over wafflemaker

    Fight over last rib at barbecue results in victim being stabbed with fork

    Cinnamon buns, too:

    Cinnamon bun argument escalates

    Mac and cheese:

    Man's anger over lack of mac 'n cheese leads to charges

    A sandwich:

    Tiff over sandwich causes man to punch Jimmy Johnís employee

    Even Chuck E. Cheese:

    Brutal attack at Chuck E. Cheese:
    JMO. MOO.

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