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    Canada - Ernest Robert Pfaff, 28, Chatham Ontario, 31 December 1973

    Canada's Missing

    "Case reopened on Chatham man last seen Dec. 31, 1973"


    Pfaff said it is surreal to know this case has been opened again, adding it is something he has long wished for.

    “I realize that he is 70 years old, so maybe he is out there somewhere.

    “If this can bring some closure to it that would be great,” he added.

    Pfaff said growing up without a father was “big time rough,” but added, “you get through it.”

    Facts on disappearance of Ernest Robert Pfaff

    Description – 5'7”, light brown hair, last seen wearing blue slacks, purple shirt, beige and brown sweater and three-quarter length pile coat.

    Last seen – He left home on Dec. 31, 1973 at approximately 8 p.m. to purchase a loaf of bread. He was driving a 1972 Ford Maverick, light blue with red pin stripes on the sides, with possible licence plate CNH 175.

    Investigation – Former Chatham police service never received any tips or information about Pfaff's disappearance. The case was looked at in 1997 and information was submitted to the Violent Crime Linkage System. The case has been reopened again in 2015 with information about Pfaff being submitted to Canada's Missing national website.

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    From the links provided in previous post LE has spent time with the now 47 yr old son explaining that getting a new identity and starting over would have been much easier in 1973 than would be now.

    Sounds like the father was experience some deep grief issues over the death of an infant around the time of his disappearance.
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    Was it not an odd time to go out for a loaf of bread? New Year's Eve, at 8:00 pm? Back in 1973, stores weren't open in the evenings, and even little corner stores would close for the holiday. I hope this family finds the answers they need.

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