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    TX - Tricia, 51, & Kevin Whitaker, 19, slain in their Sugar Land home, 10 Dec 2003

    does this case interest any of you guys? I find it interesting because the plan was so well executed and involved something that allays suspicion (getting shot by the trigger-man as a diversion). What I find more interesting is that Bart had an unlikely profile for someone sitting in Polunsky (TX death row). He came from a well liked, religious family where this would be the last thing you'd expect.

    Does anyone think the plot could have been snuffed out before it happened? I think there were some warning signs about him (he had stolen computers in high school) and in the five and a half years between graduating from high school and the commission of the crime, he basically lived a slothful life with some friends in there condo, partying and what not. But there is a huge leap from being a ne'er-do-well and callous sociopathy.

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    Well it interests me....just need to research it more.
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    What interests me, or shocks me, is how his father can forgive him and support him like this. He even wrote a book about it (his forgiveness of his son).

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    my general opinion is that Bart has some kind of antisocial personality disorder and that before the shooting (and for a few months after) the parents were either in denial or in the dark about what he was. The phrase "ignorance is bliss" applies here. He had ostensibly been going to college for several years at Sam Houston State and I'm sure his parents wanted to believe he was going to school instead of partying and what not (and I think dropped out). I'm sure they also wanted to believe in 2001 in which the parents were informed by the police about a plot to kill them, that it was just drunk talk. I'm sure they wanted to believe he was graduating Magna Cum from Sam Houston in Criminal Justice (or whatever the story was) and that after the shooting happened, that the botched attempt in 2001 and his faking graduation were irrelevant.

    I think the his father finally accepted that he is what he is - someone who may be, through no fault of his own, a sociopath. It also helps that Bart is in there and not at-large so there's no worry about Bart having his father hunted down or ordering a hit (since none of the people in Death Row an expect to get out).

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    i wonder if Steve Champagne has gotten out of prison? I looked him up at the TX DOC website and he's not on there. In any event, he was the least involved and basically handed the other two guys on a silver platter so it would make sense.

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    On January 18, 2017, oral argument will be heard in Whitaker's appeal before the Fifth Circuit.


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