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    How to Obtain Court Transcripts

    I have no idea if this is the right forum, so mods, feel free to move.

    But I'm curious how the best way is to obtain transcripts. Not just a record of an appearance and the outcome, but the full transcript. I don't want to get sucked into these scammy sites that charge you just for a search. I don't mind paying, but wasn't sure what is available to the public and how to get it. Are they really online? Or do I have to call the county Probate office? I see people on here that got the court records of various cases, including CA, but that was in FL where Sunshine laws are in effect. Not sure how hard/easy it is anywhere else.

    Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

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    Call the courthouse directly. Depending where it is, some have court reporters that produce their own transcripts, and some have audio recordings and a transcribing service that they will direct you to if you want a proceeding transcribed.

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