When four-year-old Adam Mitchell of Roanoake, Virginia dialled 911 twenty three years ago, it was probably a heartstopping moment for the dispatcher.

"Please come quick, my mom, uh, fell asleep on the floor," Adam said in the 911 tapes.

"She fell asleep on the floor?" the dispatcher, Lisa Howell said.

"Yeah, please come quick," Adam Mitchell responded.
Little Adam's mom recovered, and later he was taken to meet Lisa at the dispatch center. The families kept sporadically in touch and Lisa was moved to tears in 2011, when Adam's mom let her know he had finally achieved the dream he's had since age 4 - to become a dispatcher like the one who helped him save his mom.

Lisa had moved by then but Tuesday, she finally got to meet Adam again, at the Roanoke dispatch center where he works. Events, Adam said, have moved full circle.