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    MI - How a 15-year-old girl was allegedly abducted into prostitution

    FLINT, MI -- A 15-year-old Flint-area girl waited for her "dates" at a Chattanooga, Tennessee, hotel, knowing she would have sex for money with the strangers who would eventually arrive.

    The dates would show up and put their money on the table. She would do what she was put there to do.

    She made $900 in two days, but the girl didn't nearly meet her quota.

    Eventually, she told investigators it was her turn to pay -- in the form of a belt rapped across her face at the hand of the man who investigators say abducted her and forced her into prostitution.

    Federal investigators detailed the girl's claims in allegations presented in a criminal complaint unsealed Thursday, June 11, in Flint U.S. District Court against the two people who allegedly kidnapped her and forced her to sell herself at hotels across the country.

    The suspects' names are being withheld as they have not yet been indicted or arraigned on any charges. Neither suspect has an attorney on file.

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    I am never quite sure what to think about these stories but thank you for posting it. I am an advocate for removing children from a substandard environment on the first finding. I would prefer during the infant-toddler time or at least before age 6. Not a very popular opinion.
    The problem as I see it, did not start when she was 12 or 14. It started years before. Whether genetics, environment, caregiver-related does not matter much to me. The first time I had a problem with my daughter and a phone, she lost her phone and internet privileges, permanently. Except for school. If she wants an up-to-date phone, it will be on her dime when she is 18. When I realized there was some minor drug problems going on, she was hospitalized, diagnosed, treated for depression. Meds are locked up in our house, even Tylenol. I have a kit from CVS @ home to test for drugs anytime. She is happier, making straight A's, working, saving for her own car, taking cosmetology at school on half days. It has been a f***ing pain but absolutely necessary for her by us. She knows if other, worse things happen there is no bail from mom or dad. We will give her custody to the state for her last 17 months as a minor. I do not blame the girl in the article for her situation or circumstances at all. She is a child by law. But why did she still have a phone with internet access? Since when do crappy parents get to keep their kids and when did we become afraid, lazy, weak, whatever, to do what our kids need us to do. I realize that people do what they will do sometimes, regardless of intervention.
    That said, have you ever watched a show on A&E called,"Beyond Scared Straight?" One thing I have noticed, whatever state they are in, whatever the race or sex of the minor, the younger they go to the program, the more they get out of it. Sixteen year olds and above are often set in their ways, know everything, they think, and are ready to be out. I see nothing wrong with letting them emancipate themselves and going on. But it really bugs me to see a 15 year old or under with all the benefits (of a straight A, good kid, respectful and helpful around the house) but none of the prerequisite behavior that earns it. To me that is lazy parenting, horrible for the child, criminal for the parent.

    When I read a story like this, I blame the actual criminals involved and the parents for making it so easy for the child, in her immaturity, to get into these situations.
    I don't know if this makes any sense but I wonder if other people feel like I do when I see one of these stories. Awful for the victim, angry/vengeful at the criminal actors, and pissed off with the scaredy-cat, lazy, in denial, whatever parents. It is such a gobbledygook of emotions, I often say nothing.
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    - John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany

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