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    NY - 4-year-old driving van runs over toddler at NYC daycare

    NEW YORK -- A 2-year-old child is in critical condition after being run over by a van driven by a 4-year-old boy.

    CBS New York reports that the accident happened Tuesday in the New Brighton section of Staten Island.

    The older child sat in the driver's seat of the van, which belongs to Busy Kidz Group Family Day Care, and put it into gear as a daycare worker was attending to another child in the vehicle.

    The van struck the younger child and rolled into a driveway across the street.

    My kids are a window to my past, a mirror of today, a door to tomorrow, and a keeper of this proud old dad's heart forever.

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    The headline is ridiculous. The four year old sat briefly in the driver's seat and accidentally knocked the van out of gear. He was not driving.
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    “I want charges to be pressed against the daycare provider because that is serious…I also want the police to find out what really was going on,” the mother, whose two daughters were in the van, told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck. “I praise God that my kids are here right now, they are breathing.”

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    I wonder why the 4 year old wasn't buckled into a car seat in the back of the van.

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    When I was 5 or 6 my mother left me and my sister (4 or 5) in the car parked in front of the grocery store.It was at an incline and my sister pretended to drive and put the car in gear and we rolled into the intersection.When my mom came out the police were at the scene.This was back in the 60's when it was ok to leave kids alone.Thankfully we were not hurt.
    You can't turn your back on preschoolers,I think she needed another person to help with the transition.Why was a 2 yr.old in the driveway unattended?Prayers for the toddler to recover.

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