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    Canada - Fake monks focus of police crackdown, Toronto, June 2015


    "They offer golden tickets that are said to bring peace, but the fake monks approaching you in downtown Toronto are only after your money.

    Toronto Police announced Friday they plan to crack down on the fake monks after multiple complaints about the supposedly spiritual monks getting aggressive when people refuse to give them money after accepting a small token on Front Street near Union Station."

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    Ottawa too..


    "Fake monks seeking donations in downtown Ottawa are a 'fraud'
    Accepting money outside of temple defies Buddhism, experts say

    CBC News Posted: Jun 25, 2015"

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    "Real monks lead ascetic lives of quiet contemplation. Fake monks are aggressive and want your money.

    Police say they’ve charged one of the latter for allegedly breaching orders to stay away from the CN Tower.

    The Toronto Star reports that the man, whose name hasn’t been released, was arrested on Aug. 12 for aggressive panhandling near the CN Tower. The conditions of his release included staying away from the area.

    On Wednesday, he was spotted once again near the CN Tower and was charged with failing to comply with recognizance and mischief, police said.

    Last Saturday, Const. Scott Mills tweeted a warning, and pictures, of a fake monk soliciting money downtown. Police confirmed with The Star that the monk charged near the CN Tower is the same one Const. Mills tweeted about."

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    Reincarnation, again.


    " Zongyin Wang was arrested Aug. 19. He is alleged to have been posing as a monk near the CN Tower to seek donations.
    By: Laura DaSilva Staff Reporter, Published on Sun Sep 06 2015

    Fake monks panhandling around the CN Tower are scamming people into thinking their donations are going towards “peace.”

    Const. Scott Mills took to social media Friday to warn the public about an ongoing problem with men who don yellow robes and bucket hats and then approach passersby with tarot cards and show them lists of other people’s supposed financial offerings.

    “The entire list is always in the same handwriting,” Mills said. “They’re not real.”

    Mills said that when people refuse to donate, the monks often grab their wrists and force red beaded bracelets on them. He said if people are unwillingly grabbed, these actions can be considered assault".

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