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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Websleuths Post of the Day winners for 6/15 sonjay & leefitzwater


    Come on now my lovely true crime posters...let's step up and nominate one of your fellow Websleuths posters for the Websleuths Post of the Day.

    Don't make me turn this forum into a discussion on the Kardashians. I'll do it. Because I can get that dang grumpy.

    It can be any post from any time. Bring it here and nominate the post of your choosing for the Websleuths Post of the Day.

    I won't stop until it is like a shark feeding frenzy with everyone wanting to nominate someone for post of the day unless nobody nominates a post and then I decide the Kardashians are not getting enough media attention then this forum will be nothing but Kardashians.

    If you don't want to see that happen then all I can say is nominate. Nominate now and nominate often.

    Tired, going to bed...'night my wonderful Websleuths members.

    Thank you for all you do.

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    Nooooooooo to Kardashians....puhleeze. Here ya go. This might be too warped a sense of humor but I chuckled.

    I nominate leefitzwater replying to steelman's suggestion regarding Dianna's lawyer:

    Quote Originally Posted by steelman View Post
    I think Paul and Dianna were viewed by the public as pretty sympathetic characters up until a week ago. But if the family decides to get a mouthpiece on board like Allred and she starts threatening to sue here and sue there, I think the public sympathy is going to dissipate rather quickly.

    I think this is commonly known as "shooting yourself in the foot".
    Quote Originally Posted by leefitzwater View Post
    I'd shoot myself in the foot for a million dollars.
    Last edited by Tricia; 06-16-2015 at 02:48 AM. Reason: corrected spelling Dianna

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    Nominated sonjay because of the sheer unmitigated shameless chutzpah that no one will top on this beautiful day (of the person quoted, not the poster) :


    For background, this is a Caucasian woman who put on some fake tan, began calling herself African American and became a local NAACP leader. So now she feels sorry for herself because it's a lonely job being the only voice that the entire AA population has.

    OMG. Of all the unmitigated gall! From the link:'

    "[Dolezal] also points out the frustration with having to be a voice for an entire race of people"

    Has this role of being the voice for "an entire race of people" been thrust upon her? She didn't want that role? She finds it frustrating? Who appointed her to that role? OMG OMG. I'm dyin' here.
    For the context:

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